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Welcome Dealers!
Western Recreation Industries is a full-line distributor for all of the products listed on this sight.  We do have a dealer program for those who meet our qualifications listed below.  If you would like to become a dealer, please fill out our DEALER APPLICATION FORM 

Qualifications for dealership:
  • Completed dealer application submitted and approved (approval usually takes 7-14 days).
  • Business accounts: i.e. bank account, telephone, etc.
  • Current copy of sales tax exempt certificate on file
  • Regular shop hours
  • Qualified personnel
    • Bonafied sporting goods or archery stocking pro shop.  This means there must be a representative inventory of bows and archery equipment for resale to consumers.  Mail order concerns, individuals, clubs etc., do not qualify.  Because WRI has a commitment to the dealer network, we go to extensive measures to qualify dealers.  WRI reserves the right to refuse to sell to concerns detrimental to our dealer network. 
    Order Hours:
  • Regular: Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Sensational SAME DAY SHIPPING Policy: 
    • Our expedited shipping is not surpassed by anyone.  Normally, orders received by 12 noon MST will be shipped same day barring any uncontrollable circumstances.  All other orders will be shipped no later than next day.  We work overtime to assure orders are processed as quickly as possible.  Custom-made arrows will be shipped separately upon completion of production. 
    • Nationwide: Call 1-800-525-1181 to place orders, or FAX 719-539-1293.
    • On-line:  Place orders through our website catalog at any time!
    • Placing Orders: We must have the following information when placing orders:
  • Dealer number and name
    • Catalog numbers - Because our goal is to ship accurately, it is essential that the catalog order number is given for each item ordered.  Because of the large number of SKU's stocked with multiple choices in any given item, WRI cannot be responsible for errors on orders when item numbers are not given.  One way to maximize accuracy of orders placed is to use the reproducible order form we are providing.  It will ensure that you have the necessary information.
  • Specifications - draw weight, draw length, color, size, etc. 
  • Quantities - each, package, dozen, 1000, etc.
  • Orders are immediately released for shipment at the end of order entry.  Therefore, adding to earlier orders is not normally possible.  Additional orders will be processed separately.